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Take a mist-ical adventure through the Foggy Bowls at Jewel Changi

Why visit the Foggy Bowls?

Jewel Changi Foggy Bowls
  • The Foggy Bowls are garden, play area for you to both relax and play to your hearts content.
  • Located in the Canopy Park of the Jewel Changi Airport, this play area has four sunken bowls spread around that periodically produce mist that spread throughout the Foggy Bowls.
  • The ambience is like getting lost amongst the clouds and makes for a good space to play games like hide and seek with your friends and kids.
  • There are benches where you can sit back and relax, or if you wish, you can even lie down on the grass to feel more grounded.

Know before you visit the Foggy Bowls

Jewel Changi Foggy Bowls
Jewel Changi Foggy Bowls

Where are the Foggy Bowls located?

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Frequently asked questions about Foggy Bowls at Jewel Changi Airport

What are Foggy Bowls?

Foggy Bowls are an interactive art installation and play area located at Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore. Wide, shallow bowls filled with mist and surrounded by lush greenery offering visitors a unique sensory experience.

Where are the Foggy Bowls located?

The Foggy Bowls are located within the Canopy Park of Jewel Changi Airport. It is near other Canopy Park attractions including Discovery Slides, Hedge Maze, Mirror Maze, and more.

Can I access the Foggy Bowls if I'm not traveling through Changi Airport?

Yes, you can access the Foggy Bowls at Jewel Changi Airport even if you are not transiting through the airport. Jewel Changi attractions are open to the public, allowing visitors to explore its attractions, including the Foggy Bowls, without the need for a boarding pass or flight ticket.

What is the best time to visit the Foggy Bowls?

It is best to visit Foggy Bowls during the day time so you get a clearer view of the mist and surroundings than in the night time. Jewel Changi Airport peak hour rush dies down around lunch time, so plan your visit accordingly.

Are there any restaurants near the Foggy Bowls?

Yes, there are several dining options available at Jewel Changi Airport that cater to all budgets and tastes. You’ll find it easy to access them from Foggy Bowls.

Is the Foggy Bowls attraction child-friendly?

Yes, the Foggy Bowls attraction is suitable for visitors of all ages, including children. The mist-filled bowls and the surrounding greenery create an environment that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Can I visit the Foggy Bowls in a group?

Yes, you can visit the Foggy Bowls in a group. The attraction is designed to accommodate both individual visitors and groups.