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Visiting the Discovery Slides at Jewel Changi: the only travel guide you need

Why visit the Discovery Slides at Jewel Changi?

Jewel Changi - Discovery Slides
  • The Discovery Slides is the art installation that brings fun to life at Canopy Park.
  • Located at the topmost floor of Jewel Changi Airport, it stands at a height of 7.5 meters at its highest point.
  • The Discovery Slides are great way to get a birds eye view of the Jewel Changi attractions and stores.
  • The four slides offer tons of fun for the young and young at heart.
  • Go underneath the installation for some cool selfies in front of the reflective surfaces.

Know before you visit the Discovery Slides at Jewel Changi

Jewel Changi - Discovery Slides
Jewel Changi - Discovery Slides

Please note: The minimum height requirement to access Discovery Slides is 110 cm.

Highlights at the Discovery Slides

Jewel Changi - Discovery Slides

Views of Jewel Changi Airport

The viewing deck of the Discovery Slides is the highest in Canopy Park. Get awesome views of Forest Valley and HSBC Rain Vortex at the top. You might also get a glimpse of the Changi Airport Skytrain passing by, if you're lucky!

Jewel Changi - Discovery Slides

Airplanes in action

The windows and ceiling of Jewel Changi Airport is made of glass panels so you'll get a great view of flights taking off and landing at Changi Airport from the Discovery Slides.

Jewel Changi - Discovery Slides

Art & play rolled into one

Art is better when you get to have fun with it. Staying true to that sentiment, the Discovery Slides features four slides including a family slide, a steep drop slide, and two glass-covered spiral slides.

Where is Discovery Slides located?

Visitor tips

  • Wear comfortable clothing and covered shoes when you visit Discovery Slides.
  • The minimum height requirement to use the Discovery Slides is 110 cms.
  • Make sure to leave your luggage at the baggage drop counter at the Jewel Changi Airport concierge.
  • Use your Canopy Park entry ticket to access Discovery Slides, Topiary Walk, Petal Garden and Foggy Bowls as well.

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Frequently asked questions about Discovery Slides at Jewel Changi

What are Discovery Slides?

The Discovery Slides is a unique art installation and play area located at the Canopy Park at Jewel Changi Airport. This is also the highest viewpoint at Jewel Changi Airport.

Where are the Discovery Slides located?

The Discovery Slides are located on the top most floor of Jewel Changi Airport at Canopy Park.

What is the best time to visit Discovery Slides?

The best time to visit Jewel Changi Airport Discovery Slides is after the peak-hour rush, sometime in the afternoon.

Are there any restaurants near Discovery Slides?

Yes, there are over 100 eateries in Jewel Changi Airport that you can visit to grab a bite to eat.

Are the Discovery Slides child-friendly?

Yes, the Discovery Slides are a child friendly attraction in Jewel Changi Airport that is great for the whole family.

Can I visit the Discovery Slides without purchasing a ticket to Canopy Park?

No. The Discovery Slides entry is part of the Canopy Park entry ticket. It also allows you access to other attractions like Foggy Bowls, Topiary Walk, and Petal Garden.

Can I visit the Discovery Slides in a group?

Yes, you can visit the Discovery Slides in a group.

Can I access Discovery Slides if I'm not traveling through Changi Airport?

Yes, you can visit Discovery Slides irrespective of whether or not you are transiting through Jewel Changi Airport.

Is there an age or height restriction to use the Discovery Slides?

There is a height restriction to visit Discovery Slides. All guests must be above 110 cms in order to enter the attraction.

Are there any safety measures in place for using the Discovery Slides?

Yes, Jewel Changi Airport staff are present at the Discovery Slides to guide the guests during their visit, to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Are there any restrictions on clothing or footwear for using the Discovery Slides?

While there are no strict restrictions, it is recommended that all guests wear comfortable clothing and closed shoes during their visit to Discovery Slides.