Jewel Changi Mirror Maze

Make Your Way Through the Illusionary Jewel Changi Mirror Maze

A bright star in the galaxy of attractions that dot the beautiful city of Singapore, Jewel Changi takes airport shopping and entertainment to the next level. The Jewel Changi complex is a full-fledged shopping complex and entertainment venue with the best brands in food, lifestyle, clothing, and plenty of activities and attractions designed with the entire family in mind. Mirror Maze is a fabulous addition to the Jewel Changi repertoire and the perfect way to spend some time with your friends and family. A mind-bending adventure awaits you at Mirror Maze with plenty of twists and turns and the promise of a great time.

Why Visit Jewel Changi Mirror Maze

Mirror Mazes are always a hoot, and the challenge of not accidentally bumping into a wall of mirrors as you navigate your way never gets old. The Jewel Changi Mirror Maze makes for a delightful experience that, while seemingly small, can accurately play with your sense of perception. Step into a stunning mind maze where each turn could be another blocked entryway and the illuminated strips on the floor do the opposite of guiding you in the right direction!

To make things relatively easy for you, you’ll be provided with a foam stick to help you find your way out of the maze without bumping into a wall. When you finally get to the end of Mirror Maze, another fabulous surprise awaits you in the form of an interactive visual showcase. Here, the movement of your feet decides how the colorful patterns appear and move, creating a unique and beautiful display that’ll dazzle you.

Mirror Maze Singapore Location

Practical Information


  • Jewel Changi Mirror Maze is open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Age requirements

The attraction is suitable for ages 3 and above


  • If you’re visiting the Mirror Maze with kids, be careful and ensure they don’t run around too much and accidentally bump their heads against the wall.
  • Finding your way out of the Mirror Maze can be slightly difficult and you might end up spending more time inside the maze than you intend to. If you have a flight to catch, plan your visit to the maze accordingly.
  • Wear comfortable, covered shoes inside the maze since you’ll be walking quite a bit.
  • Luggage and wheeled bags are not allowed for safety reasons. You can leave your bags at the Baggage Storage in L1 of Jewel Changi.