Jewel Changi Rain Vortex HSBC

Visit Jewel Changi Rain Vortex: All You Need to Know About HSBC Rain Vortex

Standing tall at 40 meters high, with water cascading down from the rooftop all the way to the basement is the HSBC Rain Vortex. Holding the record for the world’s tallest waterfall, it is truly a sight to behold. The Rain Vortex is the star of Jewel Changi Airport, with spectacular sights to offer during the day and a scintillating light show at night. The Vortex was designed to be the center of attraction at the airport with the aim of encouraging leisure travel to Singapore.

Why Visit Jewel Changi Rain Vortex

The Rain Vortex looks like something straight out of a movie, with its unique architecture and calming effect. Surrounded by greenery, this spectacular sight can be viewed from many vantage points around the facility. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to grab a seat at the restaurant with a view of it. 

During the light show, the Vortex stands tall as the focal point of the Jewel Changi complex with an array of colors complimenting it. Accompanied by soothing music that reverberates throughout the airport, it will undoubtedly give your visit to Singapore an unforgettable start. 

Not only is the waterfall the most notable feature at the Jewel, but the water is used for irrigation and as a source of cooling for the interiors. This one-of-a-kind infusion of nature and modern architecture under a glass dome is a must-see when in Singapore.

HSBC Rain Vortex: Day vs. Night

jewel changi rain vortex

Catch a mesmerizing glimpse of the waterfall with sunlight seeping through the roof during the day. The Vortex is surrounded by trees and shrubs with water flowing 40 meters down to the basement, giving you the most spectacular view in the day time.

jewel changi hsbc rain vortex

At night, the Rain Vortex is adorned with colorful lights and sounds, almost bringing it to life. Watch this mystic splendor unravel as the sun sets outside and the waterfall becomes a screen onto which a mesmerising light show is projected.

HSBC Rain Vortex Location

Practical Information


  • Open 24 hours daily 
  • Light Show takes place at hourly intervals between 7:30 PM to 12:30 AM every day

Age and height requirements

Rain Vortex is suitable for all ages.


  • Luggage and wheeled bags are not allowed inside but can be stored at the baggage storage.
  • Rain Vortex is wheelchair friendly.