jewel changi hedge maze

Get Lost in the Greenery at Jewel Changi Hedge Maze

Your trip to Singapore is incomplete without a stop at the magnificent Jewel Changi, a shopping and entertainment complex housed inside Changi Airport. From retail outlets of some of the most renowned brands in the world to incredible restaurants and fantastical attractions and activities for the whole family to enjoy, the Jewel Singapore is a great place to spend a couple of hours before or after your flight. One of the most popular attractions in Jewel Changi is the Hedge Maze inside Canopy Park. Officially Singapore’s largest hedge maze, this family-friendly activity is a great way to spend some time amongst nature while trying to escape the maze.

Why Visit Jewel Changi Hedge Maze

If your idea of fun with the entire family involves dashing through a towering hedge maze and having oodles of fun along the way, the Jewel Changi Hedge Maze is the perfect activity for you. Inspired by English-style mazes, the Hedge Maze boasts towering hedge walls, hidden swing gates to alter your path, and motion sensor flowers that pop-up as you walk past them. Explore the stunning Hedge Maze and experience the fun of racing to the end of the maze while maneuvering the walls of shrubbery. To make the experience even more interesting, the Hedge Maze features a beautiful watchtower at the end of the maze from where you can witness a bird’s eye view of the entire maze and even help your friends and family find their way to you!

Hedge Maze is designed for the whole family and since it isn’t too difficult to navigate, even kids can have a go at it without worrying their parents. Enjoy a quick dash through the maze and refresh your senses and mind at the Hedge Maze.

Hedge Maze Singapore Location

Practical Information


  • Jewel Changi Hedge Maze is open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Age and height requirements

  • Age: The attraction is suitable for ages 3 and above
  • Height: The minimum height requirement for the Hedge Maze is 110 cm.


  • Take your time exploring the Hedge Maze to uncover hidden delights including swing gates, motion sensor flower display, and more.
  • Don’t miss the watchtower at the end of the Hedge Maze to experience glorious views of the maze and the Canopy Park.
  • While the Hedge Maze isn’t too long or difficult, it does involve a fair bit of walking. Ensure you wear comfortable shoes while inside the maze.
  • There’s no dedicated storage facility at the Hedge Maze and bags and other personal luggage aren’t allowed inside. Drop your bags at the Jewel Changi Baggage Storage at L1.