Jewel Changi Restaurants: Where to Eat at Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Restaurants

Singapore is undoubtedly among the top tourist destinations in the world. Travel in Asia is almost synonymous with Singapore. Not only is the island nation of Singapore chock full of tourist spots, but the very gateway to Singapore, the Jewel Changi, itself is also a spectacle. The aim was to make this airport a standalone tourist attraction. The 10-story airport has 280 stores, many of which are eateries. These outlets offer numerous cuisines exhibiting the culinary diversity of Singapore. Here are the top Jewel Changi restaurants.

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Jewel Changi Restaurants

The food culture of Singapore is unlike any other. The city itself is a melting pot of cultures, and this amalgamation has made its way to the cuisine of the country as well, with dishes from all over the world available in the island nation. Similarly, there are various categories of restaurants at the Jewel Changi Airport offering several cuisines. With over a hundred food outlets, visitors are spoilt for choice. From large Western chains like Starbucks and Burger King to Asian outlets like Sushi Tei, Jewel Changi has it all. Here is our list of the top Jewel Changi restaurants from each category.

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Jewel Changi Restaurants - coffee
  • % Arabica: This is one of the prime spots at the airport for coffee drinkers. You can witness the coffee taste profiles from different parts of the world at % Arabica.
  • CHICHA San Chen: If you love tea, this is the perfect recommendation for you. CHICHA San Chen brings the expertise of Taiwanese tea masters with every sip of their freshly brewed masterpieces.
  • Naiise Iconic: If you want to enjoy something quintessentially Singaporean, this is the place for you. At Naiise Iconic, you can enjoy a multifaceted experience that includes shopping.
Jewel Changi Restaurants - drinks
  • An Acai Affair: An Acai Affair puts an abundance of Acai, a Brazillian berry, in each of its offerings. When you are at An Acai Affair, don’t forget to try out their delicious smoothies.
  • dal.komm COFFEE: This South Korean coffee chain elevates the coffee drinking experience by including curated musical performances. You can also purchase brand merchandise at this outlet.
  • Mr. Coconut: This outlet vows to share the goodness of coconuts with its patrons. This outlet is known for its signature coconut shake. You can also enjoy several fruit infusions that incorporate coconuts.

Casual Dining

Jewel Changi Restaurants - Auntie Anne's
  • A&W: If you are looking for an American casual dining experience, look no further than A&W. Their famous root beer is freshly made in-store every day. Their curly fries and coney dogs are quite popular too.
  • Auntie Anne’s: If you want to grab a bite with just an hour left before boarding, go for Pretzel Bites and Pretzel Dogs from Auntie Anne’s and wash it down with one of their refreshing beverages.
  • Big Bird: Big Bird is one of the most unique dining options at Jewel Changi. They are known for their salted egg chicken topped rice. You can always count on them to spring something new into their menu.
Jewel Changi Restaurants - casual dining
  • Devil Chicken: Here, you have the undisputed kings of Taiwanese chicken. Devil Chicken is well known in the streets of Taiwan, and you can now enjoy it at Jewel Changi Airport.
  • Nine Fresh: If the Singapore heat gets to you, you can always stop by at Nine fresh, which sells fresh, chilled taro ball desserts like their signature preparation.
  • Sankranti, CHANGI Express: Sankranti, CHANGI Express offers tasty, traditional Indian food. The outlet aims to redefine the concept of fast food by making it healthy.


Where to eat in Jewel Changi
  • Arteastiq: For a city dweller, there could be no better place to have a quiet meal than at Arteastiq. This restaurant at the Jewel Changi Airport plays foot-tapping jazz notes as you satiate your hunger.
  • A-One Signature: This restaurant is the place to be if the glitz and glamor of Jewel Changi Airport start to make you feel homesick. Traditional dishes served on clay pots in a Chinese setting are sure to uplift your mood.
  • Earle Swensen’s: Earle Swensen’s brings the flavors of the West coast to Jewel Changi Airport. The buffet salad bar with its various vegetables, fruits, and homemade dressings is the heart and soul of this restaurant.
Jewel Changi Airport fine dining
  • Aloha Poké: This is the first-ever restaurant in Singapore that serves traditional Hawaiian poké. Tiki Cocktails, Kona Craft Beer, and other Tiki Treats are the signature dishes that are also available at Aloha Poké.
  • Dian Xiao Er: This restaurant transports you to an ancient Chinese setting. The flavors of the heydays of China are brought back at Dian Xiao Er along with a rustic ambiance. Don’t miss out on their Herbal Roast Duck.
  • Perch: Perch is an innovative wine and dine concept bistro in Jewel Changi Airport brought to life by Singapore’s leading wine retailers. It serves fusion dishes with Asian and European influences.


Jewel Changi Restaurants - desserts
  • AC Kafe: This art toy-themed cafe provides one of the most unique dining experiences at Jewel Changi Restaurant. You can try their handcrafted beverages as you wait for your flight.
  • Andersen’s of Denmark: Andersen’s of Denmark serves authentic Danish desserts from their Jewel Changi Airport outlet. Their ice creams are made with fresh produce and can be customized with the waffles of your choice.
  • KANE MOCHI: KANE MOCHI is known for its authentic Japanese dessert spread that includes mochi with premium ice cream filling known as daifuku, which is known to represent good health and fortune.
Jewel Changi food outlets
  • Nectar: Nectar is an indigenous brand that vows to serve fresh and healthy desserts. Their signature items include greek yogurt froyo, acai mix bowls, fresh juices, and smoothies.
  • Lady M: The house of Lady M is behind pioneering the well-loved Millie Crêpes. This multi-layered delicacy is coupled with caramelized cream on top and can now be enjoyed right at the Jewel Changi Airport.
  • Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory & Cow Cow Kitchen: Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory & Cow Cow Kitchen was born 10 years ago in Japan and has brought its creative whimsy to the Jewel Changi Airport. You can visit this outlet to address all your dairy-based dessert cravings.

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