Jewel Changi Airport Restaurants: Your Jewel Changi Food Guide

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Your Jewel Changi Food & Beverage Options Explained

The food culture of Singapore is unlike any other. The Lion City is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines as is evident with dishes from all over the world being available through the nation. Keeping true to that reputation, the Jewel Changi Airport restaurants and cafes cater to various tastes. With over 100 food outlets ranging from International brands to national chains, there's something for everyone no matter what time of year you visit Jewel Changi Airport.

Please Note: All images are only indicative, and have been used solely for illustration purposes.

Jewel Changi Airport Restaurants

With cuisines like Japanese, American, Singaporean, Indian, European and more to explore, you will have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to Changi Airport restaurants.

Din Tai Fung
Poulet Bijou
Tapas Club
Violet Oon
So Pho
Jack's Place
Earle Swensen's

Jewel Changi Airport Cafes

Don't have enough time or appetite to enjoy a full meal? Then grab a coffee and a quick bite at one of these Jewel Changi Airport cafes.

Starbucks Reserve
% Arabica

% Arabica

Coffee, Quick Bites

Timings: 11 AM - 8 PM

Must Try: Lattes


Fast Food Stores Jewel Changi Airport

On cheat days we indulge in greasy goodness. Sometimes, it could be the perfect bribe to calm your kids down. Check out these fast food options at Jewel Changi Airport!

Jinjja Chicken

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Frequently Asked Questions About Jewel Changi Airport Restaurants

Are the restaurants in Jewel Changi Airport open 24 hours?

Jewel Changi Airport remains open 24x7 throughout the year since it is a prominent Singapore transit hub. Restaurants and Jewel Changi attractions have specific opening hours through the week. They open as early as 7 AM and close by 11 PM.

Can I access the restaurants in Jewel Changi Airport without a boarding pass?

Yes, you can visit Jewel Changi Airport restaurants without a boarding pass or ticket to Jewel Changi Airport attractions.

How many restaurants are there in Jewel Changi Airport?

There are over 100 Jewel Changi Airport restaurants that cater to different tastes and budgets. Make sure to explore them on your visit to Jewel Changi Airport.

Do I need to make a reservation at a restaurant in Jewel Changi Airport before visiting?

In most cases you don't need to make a prior reservation to visit Jewel Changi Airport restaurants. However, it might be best to make a reservation on holidays like Christmas and New Year's Eve when footfalls are high.

Can I find international cuisine in Jewel Changi Airport?

Yes, Jewel Changi Airport restaurants have various cuisines including Japanese, Indian, Spanish, Korean, French, and American among others.

Are there vegetarian or vegan options available in Jewel Changi Airport restaurants?

There are many Jewel Changi Airport restaurants that have vegetarian options on their menu. You can always check with the restaurant before you place your order. Brands like Subway lets you customize your order to your liking.

Are there any affordable dining options in Jewel Changi Airport?

Yes, there are several fast food stores and cafes at Jewel Changi Airport where you can grab a bite to eat without spending a lot of money.

Are Jewel Changi Airport restaurants Halal certified?

Not all Jewel Changi Airport restaurants are Halal certified. Some Halal certified Jewel Changi Airport restaurants include Poulet Bijou, Sankranti, So Pho, Earle Swensen's A&W, Subway, Jinjja Chicken, and McDonald's among others.