Jewel Changi Canopy Bridge

All You Need to Know About Jewel Changi Canopy Bridge

Your Jewel Changi tickets give you access to a shopping mall and an entertainment complex with a massive indoor wonderland, which is home to the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. Besides retail and restaurants, Jewel Changi allows you to hop between a medley of play attractions and creative gardens, of which the most popular is Canopy Park! Close by is Canopy Bridge, which has glass-bottomed floors offering spectacular views of Jewel Changi.

Why Visit Jewel Changi Canopy Bridge

Jewel Changi is not only an engineering marvel that offers travelers a chance to connect with their inner child in you with its irresistible play attractions — be it sliding down the unique Discovery Slides, walk through the clouds at the Foggy Bowls, or enjoy taking selfies with the animal-shaped plants at Topiary Walk. With so many options, stopping by the Canopy Bridge provides a much-needed rejuvenation. With a burst of mists rising from nozzles at the entrance and a panoramic view of Jewel Changi, including the Canopy Bridge in your visit is, quite literally, refreshing for people of all ages!

Your Experience

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The view from Canopy Bridge, located at the very top of Jewel on level 5, will blow you away. Suspended 75 feet above the ground, the 50-meter bridge allows you to experience the HSBC Rain Vortex indoor waterfall from up close as you are surrounded by the verdant Forest Valley.

Whether you want to soak in a panoramic view of Jewel Changi or look down through its glass panel flooring, right into the first floor of Jewel Changi, Canopy Bridge offers captivating views of Jewel. The bursts of foggy mists at the entrance of the bridge will give you an impression of walking through the clouds!

Canopy Bridge Location

Practical Information


  • Canopy Bridge is open from 10 AM to 10 PM.
  • The peak hours for Canopy Park and its attractions are from 1 PM - 4 PM.


  • If you are in transit and wish to visit Jewel Changi, many airlines have the option of early check-in up to 24 hours before your flight. You can also make use of the baggage storage facility present in all the terminals. You can also make use of the Left Luggage facility (at a payable rate) located at Level 1 (next to the GST refund counter). Please note that luggage and wheeled bags aren’t permitted on the Canopy Bridge.